156. dark ages


[12-03-2016], …Bulgarian ‘migrant hunter‘ leads vigilante patrols in armoured vehicles,


far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD),

/ …University of Illinois chaos is result of Trump’s divisive rhetoric,

Philip Guston KKKlan    kkklan.Philip Guston1969

…»racism, nativism, sexism, macho militarism […] since the 1960s«,

…»How did this happen? «,

N.Chomsky: 2016 Election Puts US at Risk of «Utter Disaster»,

Macchiaioli-Telemaco..Signorini    Gino Romiti1881 - 1967

…“I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out.”,

…»U.S. Muslim women strike back against hate crimes«, / …’Stop invasion of Europe’ (Calais),

Jose Gutierrez Solana (1886-1945)    Jose Gutierrez Solana(1886-1945)

/ …Dalit movement (India), / …Diyarbakır, city of the dead and missing,

…Campaign for Right to Information,

/ …»the imperial myopia of B.S.»,

Jose-Gutierrez Solana (1886-1945)    Jose Gutierrez Solana.(1886-1945)

[13-03-2016], …»Alone in Berlin«,

/ … [Primo Levi – Hannah Arendt Center ],

… [ New York Times 1922, «popular.idol.in.Bavaria» ],

Leon Bibel    Leon Bibel1938

…»The poor, old and workless«, …»afraid that we will have dictatorship in Poland«,

/ …birth.control.pills – Yazidi women-slaves, / …»danger is twofold«,

Paolo Mara    Paolo.Mara

/ …Idomeni Greek border, …Stuck on the refugee trail,

/ …the harems of the Ottoman Empire,

…»pioneers of their generation and examples to our mothers«,

Leon Bibel.american.way    Leon Bibel1939

/ …AfD fall. &.rise – nazis out, / …(UN) South Sudan,

/ …D.T. ‘Not Violent Enough’,

…»racism and fascistic tendencies of Trump as a serious warning«,

Leon-Bibel    R. Renucci

[14-03-2016], …the.rally.in.St.Louis, …Climate Change-Fueled Food Crisis Could Kill Half a Million by 2050,

discrimination -from microaggressions to race-fueled police violence…,

Vincent Van Gogh    Vincent Van Gogh1888

…»as megaphones for a loud cry of protest from the long-suffering and the ignored«.

Syria-civil-war-five-years, …Turkey.international-reactions-on-bomb-attack,

fernandovicente    Fernando Vicente.anatomy

/ …»Στην πορεία της μεταγενέστερης πολιτικής ιστορίας της Δύσης, η τάση να αποπολιτικοποιείται η πολιτεία και να μετατρέπεται σε ένα σπίτι ή σε μια οικογένεια διεπόμενη από σχέσεις αίματος και από καθαρά οικονομικές πράξεις, θα εναλλάσσεται με διαμετρικά αντίθετες φάσεις, στις οποίες κάθε τι απολιτικό πρέπει να κινητοποιηθεί και να πολιτικοποιηθεί. Αναλόγως με το αν επικρατεί η μία ή η άλλη τάση, θα μεταβάλλεται επίσης και η λειτουργία, η μετατόπιση και η μορφή του εμφύλιου πολέμου· […]» (G. Agamben, Stasis) – [ The European Graduate School ].

Fernando Vicente    Fernando.Vicente

«…The concept of the totalitarian State applies only at the macropolitical level, to a rigid segementarity and a particular mode of totalization and centralization.  But fascism is inseparable from a proliferation of molecular focuses in interaction, which skip form point to point, before beginning to resonate together in the National Socialist State […]
…What makes fascism dangerous is its molecular or micropolitical power, for it is a mass movement: a cancerous body rather than a totalitarian organism.  American film has often depicted these molecular focal points; band, gang, sect, family, town, neighborhood, vehicle fascisms spare no one.  Only microfascism provides an answer to the global question: Why does desire desire its own repression, how can it desire its own repression?  The masses certainly do not passively submit to power; nor do they «want» to be repressed, in a kind of masochistic hysteria; nor are they tricked by an ideological lure.  Desire is never separable from complex assemblages that necessarily tie into molecular levels, from microformations already shaping postures, attitudes, perceptions, expectations, semiotic systems, etc.  Desire is never an undifferentiated instinctual energy, but itself results from a highly developed, engineered setup rich in interactions: a whole supple segementarity that processes molecular energies and potentially gives desire a fascist determination.  Leftist organizations will not be the last to secrete microfascisms.  It’s too easy to be antifascist on the molar level, and not even see the fascist inside you, the fascist you yourself sustain and nourish and cherish with molecules both personal and collective.» (Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, p.214-15),

… [ Anti-Oedipus, preface by M. Foucault, University of Minnesota Press ].

Fernando..Vicente    FernandoVicente

…»D/G’s call to look to the «fascist within you» is far from an «individualist» retreat from politics. Rather, microfascism as «molecular molarity,» as runaway sedimentation, is precisely the creation of individuals. ATP, in short, refocuses the struggle from a fascist State at whose pretensions capital would only laugh, to micro-fascism, the production of individuality.[…]» (J.Protevi).


{ Gilles Deleuze: «schizophrenia_and_society«, in Gilles Deleuze: Two-Regimes-of-Madness 1975-1995,

Gilles Deleuze and F.Guattari: Schizos, Nomads, Rhizomes – … rhizomes, …A-Thousand-Plateaus.pdf ,

Desire Was Everywhere }

Fernando Vicente.atlas    fernando-vicente

{ …»In the camp, one of the reasons that can drive a prisoner to survive is the idea of becoming a witness«, G.Agamben: Remnants of Auschwitz, The W i t n e s s and the Archive, Zone Books 1999,

…G.Agamben (Symposium, 1995) : «We Refugees» – ..the state and the concentration camp…“A Zone of Indistinction” – A Critique of Giorgio Agamben’s Concept of Biopolitics – …G.Agamben – The Homo Sacer series structure in visual form –

[ ‘the market is the one true universal of capitalism‘, parrhesia journal ] – …Special Issue on Civil Society, Foucault Studies no.20, 12/2015 – [ Judith Butler, «Indefinite Detention«, in Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence, J.Butler (ed.), London: Verso ].

…Agnes Heller, «Writing moral philosophy and philosophy of history for me then became a way to pay my debt as a survivor» (Hungary) }.

Othon Friesz (1879-1949)    Othon..Friesz 1879-1949

Germany’s Election Hangover: Right Wing Takes Flight, …through river to cross border,

They await the outcome of EU-Turkey discussions,

steinlen-theophile-alexandre1859-1923    Willi Geiger1923

Trump presidency rated among top 10 global risks, …EU-Turkey … deal,

Growing up unequal: gender-socioeconomic differences,

leon_spilliaert1908    max.radler

Why are Tibetans setting themselves on Fire?  – China Labour Bulletin,

Gabriele Munter1877-1962.blue.rider.expressionism    gabriele-munter-1909

Next Disaster: Libya Descends into Chaos, …Turkey’s military crackdown on Kurds,

Kobane’s Women, …3 Academics Arrested,

Walter-Schnackenberg    Walter Schnackenberg1950

[18-03-2016], …sparta-Prague-fan-filmed, …fans-treated-Madrid-beggars-like-animals,

a visit to the camp, …everyday realities,

…»Η πορεία των προσφύγων ήταν μια αυθόρμητη πράξη αντίστασης«,

gabriele-munter    Gabriele-Munter

Royal Navy warships to Libya ‘to deter migrants’, …»have no value any longer» (Turkey),

…»US should be taking lessons from Cuba«, …Argentina’s battle with «Vulture Fund» creditors.

Karl Nicholason1969    karl-nicholason

…’tragic.tale.of.supergun’, / …forthcoming presidential elections US,

/ …Βίντεο για την αποφυλάκιση: youtube.com/watch?v=a_4DdWgqcsc

Albert Weisgerber (1878–1915)    Albert Weisgerber(1878–1915)

…»και η ανοχή του πολιτικού συστήματος«,

look.magazine.1938    puss-magazine

[19-03-2016], …“The ‘double-speak’ this deal is cloaked in fails to hide the European Union’s dogged determination to turn its back on a global refugee crisis, and wilfully ignore its international obligations”,

action plan against far-right crime, …Our fragmenting Europe and DiEM’s response,


picasso-pablo1948    picasso-pablo.las meninas1957

[21-03-2016], …En Cuba Obama en visita oficial,

cuba.fidel    oswaldo guayasamin-fidel-castro1961

Ukraine.far.right, …Turkey-Amnesty, …»She had been fighting against Nazi regime«,

…refugee.cameras, …Germany statistics, / …Médecins Sans Frontières,

Gabriele.Munter    Gabriele -Munter

[22-03-2016], …BRUSSELS attacks, …»European values«,



κήρυγμα μίσους, / …»the heart of EU», …liberation,

…why Belgium?, …»more.money«,


/ …Against Cyber Censorship, / …Race and Social Theory,

…PUSSY RIOTS (1), (…2), (…3), (…4), (…5), Nadya Tolokonnikova,

steinlen-theophile-alexandre1905    Othon Friesz.1879-1949

[25-03-2016], …eu-turkey-deal-violates-fundamental-human-rights, …trial of Cumhuriyet,

Palestine, …»How would Brexit affect the threat to the UK from Islamic militancy?«,

Othon Friesz1879-1949    Othon Friesz 1879 -1949


/ …convicting Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic,

Maynard Dixon1943    Othon.Friesz 1879-1949

Σρεμπρένιτσα: Οι οκτώ συν μία αποδείξεις για το προσχεδιασμένο της οργανωμένης σφαγής,

siqueiros-david-alfaro    Emil Filla1907

Belgium’s network of nuclear power stations,

/ …We call for the creation of a new ‘International of Cities of Asylum,

Othon Friesz 1879-1949    Othon Friesz 1879- 1949

…»the emotional toll of surveillance«, …»how to handle the bitterness between«,

far-right protesters at Brussels, …migrants-protest,

berlin-1925    berlin-1927

…’Committee to Protect Journalists‘,

…’counter current news‘,

Alexanderplatz. Berlin1924    berlin1927

{ …African Activist Archive Project, …apartheid museum, …Digital Innovation South Africa,

photo collection, …Anti-apartheid movement archives }


[01-04-2016], …Large-scale forced returns of refugees from Turkey to war-ravaged Syria (Amnesty International),

the «real boss«, …right-to-information-cannot-be-blocked,

the demagogue, …shooting-at-each-other,

Ellis_island.NY    berlin1928

[03-04-2016], …Rival ethnic groups clash in Piraeus, …Hundreds will be deported back,

…»transcript published by Wikileaks, shows officials discussing ways of putting pressure on Greece«,

schiele    Egon-Schiele-1910

…la lutte continue, … children missing from Calais camp, …anti-Islam rally in Molenbeek,

…»a young democracy courageously fighting off the “hybrid war” or a “fascist neoliberal puppet of Washington masters”«,

Gabriele Munter (1877-1962)    Gabriele Munter

AfD party wants to ban all mosques, …their No.1 concern is the rejection and expulsion,

…»immigration of so many Muslims will change our culture«,

Shanghai 1949    Shanghai.1940s

…ICIJ · The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists – ‘Panama Papers‘,

…first migrants to be deported from Greece – amid warnings,

Gabriele Munter.(1877-1962)    Gabriele Munter(1877-1962)

[06-04-2016], …Sharia Villages (Bosnia), …death penalty, …panama papers,

social exclusion felt in Europe, …US elections,

Stanley William Hayter1943 (1901-1988)    Emil Filla1908

τι συνέβη στη Γιουγκοσλαβία στα χρόνια της δεκαετίας του 1990,

…»some stark results from the Balkan wars of the 1990s«,

Leon-Bibel1936    Herbert Ploberger

……Erdogan-and-the-isolation-of-turkey, …refugees-in-Greece-warn-of-suicides,

…»The Syrian Crisis: A Timeline»,

Jose Gutierrez-Solana (1886-1945)    JoseGutierrez Solana (1886-1945)

[09-04-2016], …αντιφασιστική συγκέντρωση στη Πλατεία Κοραή,

K K K, / … ( “nuclear winter” on a planetary scale ),

hannah-hoche1930    Hannah Hoch

συνοριογραμμή Ελλάδας και ΠΓΔΜ, …δεν υπάρχει πλέον ευρωπαϊκό «κεκτημένο»,

/ …»Blood flows everywhere in Burundi», / …Nuit Debout [night of occupations],

Boulevard-Shadows    Antonio Donghi

…Moria deportation camp, …has been slammed by human rights agencies,

Arab school-Swedish Malmo on fire,

Amedeo Modigliani    Amedeo Modigliani1917

/ …’Shared Responsibility Committees‘, …can.he.be.stopped?

/ …Victims of Franco’s dictatorship,

ed.hopper.clown    Rafal Malczewski1930

…’Η βίαιη εκκένωση του λιμανιού της Χίου’, …UNHCR regrets violence at Idomeni,

plastic.bullets.to.the.head, …clashes-between-migrants-and-police-at-border (Idomeni),

Schlemmer_Bauhaus    Rafal Malczewski1926

…Πειραιάς:  youtube.com/watch?v=jPhiBUugPYw

/ …Amnesty demands release -arrested academics, migrants.Turkey:… youtube.com/watch?v=0SdCEJeXoWs


…“migrant hunters”, …OPEN.THE.BORDERS, …»vanished«,

Nuit debout à Paris, …»The Republican civil war»,

Josef Capek    josef-capek1933

[14-04-2016], …ανακοίνωση, συνυπογράφουν ανεξάρτητοι εθελοντές Ειδομένης και ομάδες αλληλεγγύης,

…’Ειδομένη: γδύσιμο αλληλέγγυας, βασανισμοί και τρομοκρατία,

Herbert von Reyl-Hanisch1930

…»η αριστερή πτέρυγα του κράτους«,

hannah hoch

{ Carl Sagan },


Αυτόνομη Πρωτοβουλία