159. ..fighting every day to stay alive

1954 Richard Lindner

[16-06-2016], …shot and stabbed in West Yorkshire,

…French.government.threatened to impose outright ban on further protests,

Jo Cox has died, …manual from US far-right group – Neo-Nazi links,

Lindner, Richard(1901-1978)    r.lindner1971

exit-after-brexit, …more-sales-to-Saudi-Arabia,

…internal document calling military action-regime change,

US -a day at a presidential rally, [ youtube.com/watch?v=ZbM6WbUw7Bs ],

superdelegate system,

r.lindner    Lindner. Richard

People of Color Say «Not in Our Names» ( ‘in-honor-of-our-dead’ ), …Anti-LGBTQ Hate (2015 report),

«only.labor.can.bring an end» to the rule of capital, thereby economic crises, fascism, poverty, police state, war and militarism,

Richard _Lindner    Richard.Lindner

…»Integration and religion from the perspective of people of Turkish origin»

– “Religion and Politics in Pre-Modern and Modern Cultures” (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster),

Richard Lindner    lindner

Southern Poverty Law Center, …Anti-Defamation League,

…“death to traitors, freedom for Britain”,

…Gathering near Vienna a «Patriotic Spring», …they won’t recognize prohibition,

American Nazi GLRockwell -MLuther King1965    weimar-cabaret.berlin1929

…4,000 additional troops to Eastern Europe, …»pulp fiction of ‘Russian aggression’»,

…Conducting military exercises, …Orlando-G4S: security guards, alarms, management-transportation of cash and valuables, prison management, electronic monitoring of offenders in 120 countries worldwide,

andrew_wyeth    andrew..wyeth

[19-06-2016], …’stand.With.Refugees’, …fans attacked at listening party (Istanbul),

…’rainbow-parade’, …»return of old enemies«,

…’unite-against-fascism‘, …“First they came for Assange”,

andrew.wyeth    Alfred Henry Maurer (1868-1932)

Rebel sons of Althusser: the Regulation School – ‘theory of regulation in times of crises’ – Robert Boyer, Η θεωρία της ρύθμισης ],

[ 30/04/1978 – youtube.com/watch?v=an3UIDf9dH4 – Anti-Nazi League 1977-1981 ],

[ music and politics ],

Anti-Nazi League.BrightonUK    Rock Against Racism1970s

ακροδεξιός δολοφόνος της Jo Cox (National Alliance – μυστικό ‘πανευρωπαϊκό συνέδριο’ 1998),

rally against racism, …65.3 million people displaced (2015),

…Five Star Movement (Rome),

Munch Edvard    Munch Edvard1907

…protest in Warsaw, …[ Asexual_Sites ]

Cornel West: Black America’s neo-liberal sleepwalking is coming to an end,

Marsden Hartley1919    hartley.m.1931

Stonewall riots kicked off in protest against a police raid on the Stonewall Inn on June 28/ 1969, 

MARSDEN HARTLEY.(1877-1943)    Marsden Hartley

[25-06-2016], …’μετά την αξιολόγηση’, …(1) guardian.EU-referendum – BBC (…2) –

(3) «victory.for.liberty» – (4) «Europe Is Dead: Long Live Europe? »- NYTimes, …not inevitable,

England devon1904    University.Oxford1904

…’restart.the.process’ (2015), …»Utopian dreams beyond the border«,

…radical change-DiEM25, …Nationalist, anti-immigrant parties,

Antonio Donghi1942    Antonio Donghi,1934

…»Dear Britain«, …petition demanding second EU referendum,

Spain1933    Paris

…Y.V. «prevent a slide into a xenophobic, 1930s-like abyss«, … Y.V. to change the EU from within,

…“Debt: The First 3500 Years”, …Podemos-programa,

…’unification of the European working class’,

NewYork1930    New York'30s

… [ Fr.Lordon – We are not friends with everyone ],

…»Left has to fight off xenophobic and authoritarian currents by articulating an internationalist class project«,

… [ 04/2015 Debate: Fr.Lordon-Th.Piketty.. ‘Should we put capitalism straight?’ ],

Gert Wollheim1924    Peter Birkhauser1953

Αντιρατσιστικό Φεστιβάλ Αθήνας 1,2,3/ 07/ 2016,

El Pais -elections, …racist graffiti and cards,

Andrew Wyeth1982    rene.magritte1928

Is UN Hunger and Poverty Data Reliable?,

david_ hockney    david hockney1997

…comparing the Greek and British EU referenda,

[ Transcapes Politics of Urban Social Innovation – The Slow ]

david hockney.Yorkshire    hockney

[29-06-2016], …Violence, intimidation and calls of «Go home» directed at minorities from Europeans in England to non-white Britons,

…Turkey-airport explosions, …δήλωση-συνηγόρων-πολιτικής-αγωγής,

david .hockney    david-hockney

Far-right violence rising sharply in Germany, …rise in race-hate complaints since Brexit,


Carlos Schwabe1906    Leonora, Carrington-Surrealism

{ Resistance-Edelweiss Pirates, groups of youths who opposed Nazi rule – Freya von Moltke – significance of protest on Rosenstrasse – individuals & groups resist Nazism inside – red orchestra – courageous few took active stands against Nazism – Topography of Terror Documentation Center }

antinazi-swing-kids    swing.kids.antinazis

…Austrian presidential election result overturned, …’plotting.against.Obama‘,

DavidHockney    david-.hockney

[03-07-2016], …Auschwitz survivor eloquent witness for six million Jews slaughtered,

Responses to Referendum, …World Wealth & Income Database,

anyone who appears foreign to Britons is now a possible target for racial abuse and assault in public,

Clovis Trouille1930    Clovis Trouille1940

dynamics surrounding «political correctness», …American National Election Study 2016 pilot survey,

ANES 2016, …“I am still Sanders”, …donor class is richer whiter,

/ …Foucault Studies (06-2016) Special Issue on Counter-Conduct,

Marsden Hartley1932    Albin Egger-Lienz(1868-1926)

…Nigel Farage stepping down as leader of Ukip,

anti-racism rally in Southampton (UK),

Albin Egger-Lienz (1868-1926)    Van_Gogh

[ ‘guide.to.ideology’ ],

/ …NASA’s Juno spacecraft entered Jupiter’s orbit,


report says UK chose to join invasion before peaceful options for disarming Saddam had been exhausted,

…migrants unable to pay are being sold to organ traffickers,

…(Y.V.) James K. Galbraith DiEM25 member,

Egon Schiele    Egon.Schiele

[08-07-2016], …’mapping.police.violence’, [ Sources on the United States of America ],

Black Man Found Hanging in Atlanta Park- Claims of KKK Lynching,

Jacob Lawrence    Jacob- Lawrence

…What White America Fails to See, …Demonstration ends in violence, …Dallas shooting,

…US society ‘caught up in culture of fear‘, …Black Lives Matter protests,

Jacob.. Lawrence    Jacob_Lawrence

NATO summit Warsaw,

Λέρος κέντρο υποδοχής και …»υποκινητές«,


Αυτόνομη Πρωτοβουλία