160. Turkey

Pieter Brueghel the Elder.1565

[15-07-2016], [ …Storming of the Bastille 14/07/1789 – La Bastille ou «l’enfer des vivants» – French Revolution Digital Archive (FRDA) ],

Fernand Braudel et l’Histoire – Analles collection 1929-2002 ],

james gillray    james gillray bastille

police enforce the ruling class’s unjust order’,


/ …Nice attack, … Liberation, …at.least.84 DW,

…Bastille Day truck attack, … responsibility,

Henry Wallis    Konstantin Flavitsky (1830-1867)

/ …Turkey’s government appears to have been overthrown in a coup, as the military claimed taking control over the country..,

…Over 2,800 arrested 265 killed 1,440 injured, …the people to take to the streets also this evening (16/07), …Anatomy of a Turkish assassination fable,

Turkey 1980 military coup

[17-07-2016], …Turkey detains 6,000 over coup attempt as Erdoğan vows to ‘clean state of virus’, …Is the cleric’s extradition by Washington likely?

/ …Six police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana were shot,

US 1888    japan 1907

…(video) σημαίνον στέλεχος της ναζιστικής οργάνωσης,

Bergen-Belsen nazi concentration camp

Life and Resistance of a Chinese Worker,

/ …Bataclan theater (testimony.in.French.report),

James Ensor1889    James Ensor1896

/ …’half past one in the morning’, …talks on death penalty for coup plotters,

against state violence in Turkey (interview), …WikiLeaks,

edmund.dulac_alchemist    Edmund_Dulac

…protests against police brutality (Cornel West), …»How Americans view Black Lives Matter movement»,

Let the madness begin, …Talk About Race Without Taking On Poverty, …Why Black Lives Matter Won’t Go Away,

Mikhail Nesterov1925    Mikhail Nesterov

[20-07-2016], …İstanbul University Presidency has ordered suspension of 95 academic members, …Human rights in Turkey in peril following coup attempt,

…Turkey has blocked access to WikiLeaks, …Keupstrasse is the center of Cologne‘s Turkish Community, …»What went wrong«,

Amedeo Modigliani1918    amedeo-modigliani

[ …Srebrenica 07/1995 ],

juan.gris    juan gris

Turkey-three-month state of Emergency, …Turkish coupists planned to charge Erdogan,

4th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution,

Hugo Simberg    Everett Shinn1906

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